Community High School

A Non-Profit School in Philly, PA

An accelerated high school program with a rich history and strong track record of success

Accelerated Learning

Maximize your potential and earn your degree in 2 years or less

Project Based

Become an active participant in the process of your education

Support Services

In-house social workers, therapists, nurses and daycare facilities

Restorative Practice

Fostering positive relationships between teachers and students

We build Strong Relationships;Values;Men and Women

All it takes is One Bright Ray to get thru the clouds.

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A Message from the CEO

Hello OBR Community

Welcome to summer sessions at One Bright Ray Community High School! We are staying focused as we approach the end of Session 1, which ends on June 29th.

Our annual golf outing that happened this month was a huge success: we had over 100 golfers out on the course, and everyone had fun while supporting our goal of placing tablets in classrooms.

Session 2 is coming up right around the corner: the first day is July 3rd. We are looking forward to seeing you in class!

OBRCHS is Middle States Accredited. Access the full report.

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