Ms. Alicea

Enrollment Specialist

Ms. Cardona

Enrollment Specialist

Mr. Gonzalez

Facilities Manager

Ms. Rolon

Assistant Director of Student Services

Mr. Carbonara

School Counselor - Elmwood

Ms. Gerber

Social Worker - Elmwood

Ms. Lee

Student Services - Elmwood

Mr. Merriman

Student Mentor - Elmwood

Mr. Scott

Security Officer - Elmwood

Mrs. Thorpe

Federal Lunch Program - Elmwood

Ms. Wilson

Security Officer - Elmwood

Mr. Carr

Security Officer - Fairhill

Mr. Carrasquillo

Post Secondary Coordinator - Fairhill

Ms. Carrion

Social Worker - Fairhill

Mr. Clark

Security Officer - Fairhill

Mrs. Kanan

Federal Lunch Program - Fairhill

Ms. Muse

School Counselor - Fairhill

Ms. Offerrall

Attendance Officer - Fairhill

Mrs. Reynolds

Baby Room Manager - Fairhill

Mrs. Robles

Student Services - Fairhill

Ms. Spelmon

Receptionist - Fairhill

Mr. Brown

Security Officer - Simpson

Mr. Carter

Federal Lunch Program - Simpson

Ms. Carter

Security Officer - Simpson

Ms. Duvivier

Student Services - Simpson

Ms. Gonzalez

Attendance Officer - Simpson

Mr. Massie

Student Mentor - Simpson

Ms. Soto

Social Worker - Simpson

Ms. Turner

Post Secondary Counselor - Simpson

Ms. Uqdah

Emotional Support Counselor - Simpson

Mr. Martinez

Program Assistant - Harcum

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