Ms. Duvivier

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Hawk

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Johnson

Chief Academic Officer

Ms. Katherina

Executive Systems Administrator

Ms. Velazquez

Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Directors

Mr. Carrasquillo

Director of College & Career Counseling

Mrs. Colon

Director of Educational Support

Ms. Muse

Director of Climate & Culture

Ms. Phillips

Director of Emotional Support

Mrs. Trunfio

Director of School Improvement

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Anderson

Roster Chair

Mr. Beck

Food Program Manager

Ms. Bell

Roster Chair

Ms. Cardona

Business Manager

Ms. Cunningham

Auxiliary Teacher

Mr. Druck

English Language Development

Ms. Fausnaught

Communications Manager

Mr. Gonzalez

Facilities Manager

Ms. Gonzalez

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Nieves

Enrollment Specialist

Ms. Rolon

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Rymer

English Language Coordinator

Ms. Sarr

Human Resources Manager

Ms. Simmons

Food Program Coordinator

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