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The mission of One Bright Ray Community High School, an independent, accelerated high school, is to provide quality education to Philadelphia’s, over-aged and under-credited students in search of a positive school experience while earning their diploma. We provide a supportive environment free of negative labels that challenge each student to explore their personal and academic potential through Project-Based Learning. We engage in restorative practices to create healthy respectful relationships that foster productivity, a positive outlook, and high self-esteem. We provide a second chance, sometimes a last chance, for our students in their pursuit of a high school diploma.

Aspiring community members are those who are…

  • Certified School Leaders and/or Teachers
  • Passionate about urban education
  • Dedicated and willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our students and team members
  • Creative and flexible in creating cognitively engaging instruction that connects to real-world opportunities
  • Able to engage in an alternative approach to teaching and learning
  • Patient with students and/or teachers who need additional support
  • Open to developing their reflective practices and continuing their professional growth
  • Willing and able to collaborate with others

If you’re interested in applying for one of the following open positions, please send your updated resume and cover letter to:

One Bright Ray is accepting resumes for the current 2023-2024 Academic School Year!

Day School:
Educational Support Teacher/Case Manager
History Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Science Teacher
English Teacher

Evening School:
Part-Time Art Teacher
Part-Time English Teacher
Part-Time Educational Support Teacher/Case Manager

Upcoming Events

  1. Module 2 Trip

    February 28
  2. Zero Day – Half Day

    March 8
  3. Make Up Monday

    March 11
  4. New Student Orientation

    March 11
  5. No School – Module Break

    March 12 - March 13

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