Graduation Pathways

Graduation Pathways

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has introduced statewide Pathways to Graduation — expanded high school graduation requirements that are currently planned to go into effect beginning this 2022-2023 school year.

This means that in addition to the 23.5 credits and service learning project previously required to graduate, high school students graduating from a Pennsylvania high school starting this school year must meet additional requirements through one of five pathways designed to illustrate their college, career, and community readiness.

Each of the five pathways offers a different combination of options that can serve to fulfill the additional graduation requirements.

Upcoming Events

  1. Module 2 Trip

    February 28
  2. Zero Day – Half Day

    March 8
  3. Make Up Monday

    March 11
  4. New Student Orientation

    March 11
  5. No School – Module Break

    March 12 - March 13

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